WordPress plugins by Saurabh

March 27, 2016

Co-author of various famous WordPress plugins and part of core development team. Originally owned by Axelerant and we sell at Axelerant Store.

wordpress plugins

List of all plugins:

  1. Custom Bulk/Quick Edit
  2. Custom Bulk/Quick Edit – Edit Flow
  3. Custom Bulk/Quick Edit – WordPress SEO by Yoast
  4. Custom Bulk/Quick Edit Premium
  5. Easy Digital Downloads – Sales Recovery
  6. Flickr Shortcode Importer
  7. Remove Extra Media
  8. Testimonials Widget
  9. Testimonials Widget – GC Testimonials Migrator
  10. Testimonials Widget – WooTheme Testimonials Migrator
  11. Testimonials Widget Premium – WordPress Testimonials Plugin
  12. TYPO3 tt_news Importer