Lets start with Codeigniter!!

CodeIgniter is a PHP framework, containing agglomerate of libraries, helpers, plug-ins and other resources, that takes care of many of the more complex procedures and functions for which PHP is famous. CodeIgniter does all the heavy lifting while maintaining high performance. It will simplify PHP syntax, streamline the code underlying your web pages.

Here are some of the principal benefits of coding your next project in CodeIgniter:

  • It makes coding in PHP simple, quick and user-friendly.
  • It’s an excellent framework for learning more about how PHP works as you code.
  • meaningIt underpins the Model/View/Controller (MVC) approach to web development—a best practice philosophy all developers should adhere to.
  • It’s built on a linear, easy-to-use folder structure.
  • It’s open source and simple to configure and customize for your own needs.
  • You can construct your own cleaner URI lines in CodeIgniter.

There are lots of reason why you start investigating this framework and you will discover these for yourself after visiting download the latest version. Before you unzip and install the file though, head to the User Guide and read a little about CodeIgniter.

If you are done with download then extract the files and place them in a web root, your structure should look like:
After opening the website in your web browser you should see a “Welcome to CodeIgniter” page, if so that’s great, we’re ready to get started.

In my next blog I will write how to create your first application based on Codeigniter…

Happy Coding 🙂

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