March 27, 2016

Open source contributions

My approach to contributions is a holistic one. I do contributions to an open source contributions community, with the purpose of directing my contributions for maximum efficiency.

I’ve achieved contributions in almost all of the open source technologies we use and a few notable ecosystems that I’ve been giving to proactively are in WordPress and Drupal.

I always track my contributions in the sheet and its always in work in progress and I’d like your feedback on improving the sheet to log things more efficiently. Please share your feedback with a comment here.


Highlights of Recent #contributions

  • Co-author of various WordPress famous plugins and part of core development team: WordPress profile:
  • Active partner of core development team of various plugins: Git Hub url :
  • Contributed bug fix patches to Drupal 8. Drupal Profile link
  • Commit mentions at Drupal 8 core.
  • I have answered 100+ questions across 3 StackExchange forums.

Events I’ve attended

I’ve been involved in attending DrupalCamps and other open source gatherings in India this year:

  • Drupal Camp Delhi 2012
  • Drupal Camp Delhi 2015
  • WordCamp Pune 2015

As I’ll continue to contribute great things to our communities, this post will continue to grow.