Hello, I am Saurabh Dixit
a Programming enthusiast, Traveller, Technology addict and a mentor.


Do not judge blindly, judge me but after going through with my portfolio
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I am very keen to learn new things and contribute to open source to group up community.

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Co-author of various WordPress famous plugins and part of core development team.

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About me

A technical advocate who provide solutions to his customer by writing or consulting his customers.
I've skills to pay the bills..


A Programming enthusiast. Loves programming in the way it is supposed to be. My main programming forte is web development with WordPress and Drupal( PHP CMS/Frameworks) and I have been programming in PHP since 4 years. I am passionate about learning new technologies. I love to help people in technical and personal terms. I want to enhance my problem solving skills and my management skills on a strong technical ground. I spend one third of my work hours in contributing to open source technology. I am keen to be a change in society and try to contribute as much as I can. I would like to be a social activist than just sitting back and criticize the system. I love to play cricket in leisure time, grooming, bike riding, car driving. I want to learn Guitar and it is on my todo list. My Skill Set includes PHP, WordPress, Drupal, Typo3, Codeigniter, MySQL, JQuery, CSS, Bootstrap etc.

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